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Driver And Vehicle Licensing Agency Maintain Road Safety


Here you will know about driver and vehicle licensing agency which was first formed in the year of 1965 and for 40 long years it has been a successful executive agency which holds all the accounts of the drivers and the vehicles of United Kingdom. First, it was known as driver and vehicle licensing center and then in the year 1990; it changed to driver and vehicle licensing agency. The CEO of this agency is currently Oliver Morley.


The parent agency of this organization is a department of transport, and this agency is having over 5000 staffs and headquarters in Swansea, wales. The primary objective of this agency is to maintain road safety by keeping details of the drivers and vehicles and as per the reports of current survey this agency is having all the details of 47 million drivers and the detail records of over 39 million vehicles of united kingdom and due to the effective and efficient work of this agency, united kingdom holds the record of having safer roads compare to other countries of the world.

What Do They Do For The Human Kind?

  • The first and foremost thing they do are they are responsible for all the roads safety related to drivers and vehicles, suppose some criminal offenses are taking place related to any vehicle or via any vehicle or driver then they will help the police or intelligence department, and that matter will be taken care off.
  • This agency will issue the driving license for the driver and will also issue any kind of registration related to this field.
  • They will also take action against the drivers who are not paying the taxes properly.
  • They are implementing more technologies and digital technologies and are making all the transport things economical and environment-friendly.
  • They will also do the vehicle identity check for avoiding the vehicle crimes.

More Related How They Maintain The Road Safety

The data they collect through the surveys are pretty much accurate, and the analysis is done appropriately and efficiently under the guidance of different research analysts and on the basis of that the proper modifications and precautions are taken related to the road safety. After seeing all the details, they take the actions and it includes providing licenses and also banning license in some cases. All these are minimizing the road crimes and in future, it is guaranteed that there will be no crime at all, and the efficiency will be of 100 %.

About Advertisement And Promotion

Driver and vehicle licensing agency advertise to warn the drivers or vehicle holders to pay taxes on aregular interval to avoid further problems as it is regarded as a criminal offense and they warn that if they don’t do that their vehicles must be crushed.

Even the promotional site is on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. where you can follow the page, and you can know more about this agency and their regular updates and upcoming works and so on.